Worcester MA Loading Dock Equipment & Doors

We Provide What Your Worcester MA Warehouse Needs

Northeast Overhead Door knows the importance of reducing downtime and upholding a secure workspace for your staff. We stand ready with solutions! We offer a variety of Worcester MA loading dock equipment, including warehouse safety items, dock levelers, trailer restraints, scissor lifts, industrial fans, high-speed doors, impact doors, seals, and shelters. These products proudly hail from the best brands in the industry.

Loading Dock Seals & Shelters

Seals and shelters for your loading dock work to control the atmosphere and protect the product as it’s transported. Both seals and shelters reduce heating and cooling costs, thus saving you tremendous savings on energy. Furthermore, they provide safety and comfort to your employees by keeping out rain and harsh weather. Lastly, seals and shelters protect by sealing freight and preventing unauthorized entry into your facility.

A dock seal is made from compression foam that mounts outside your dock doors. When a trailer backs up, a tight seal forms, protecting against harsh elements. Conversely, shelters consist of curtains mounted to a wood or metal frame surrounding your dock door. The curtain surrounds the entry of the truck’s trailer, protecting its cargo. Which one you decide to install will depend on various factors. Shelters are mainly used for large door openings. It should be noted seals may restrict access to larger trailers. However, seals provide greater energy efficiency over a shelter.

Loading Dock Levelers

Dock levelers fill in the gap and provide a bridge between your loading dock and transport vehicles. As a result, dock levelers make transporting cargo for forklifts much smoother. With a loading dock leveler, forklifts can safely and steadily maneuver between the dock and the truck. Without a doubt, loading dock levelers keep your employees safe and prevent damage to your equipment. Moreover, they aid tremendously in the productivity of your staff by enabling them to complete loading cargo more quickly with fewer bumps.

There are many types of dock levelers to choose from, including pit levelers, rail dock levelers, and edge of dock levelers. All types operate either automatically or manually. Here at Northeast Overhead Door, we can help you choose the best loading dock leveler for your facility and have it installed in a short amount of time.