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Northeast Overhead Door understands that minimizing downtime and maintaining a safe work environment for your employees is a priority. We have the solutions! We offer a wide selection of insulated and non-insulated commercial upward-acting doors. Our doors are customizable to fit your exact specifications. Furthermore, we provide loading dock equipment, including warehouse safety products, dock levelers, trailer restraints, scissor lifts, high-speed doors, impact doors, and seals & shelters. Our products come from the top brands in the industry.

Loading Dock Equipment

Our warehouse and loading dock equipment from top industry brands improves your operation’s productivity. Furthermore, we’ll help you choose the best products for your facility and get them up and running swiftly. Without a doubt, the success and safety of your company are our priority. Check out a few products we sell and install:

Affiliated Force Pro-Dock Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Do you have an old, outdated mechanical dock leveler but do not want to fully replace the leveler with a pricey new hydraulic one? Well, fear not! Our easy-to-use Affiliated Force Pro-Dock Hydraulic Conversion Kit offers an economical alternative to replacing your existing mechanical dock leveler. This dock hydraulic conversion kit includes various components, such as hydraulic cylinders, hoses, pump units, and control panels. These components work harmoniously to replace the mechanical dock leveler’s manual or spring-operated mechanisms with a hydraulic system. Notably, this upgrade costs considerably less than replacing the mechanical dock leveler with a hydraulic one. Furthermore, it brings even more good news as it dramatically reduces downtime and repair costs.

Python STR-609 Truck Restraint

A truck restraint is installed at the loading dock to restrain a transport vehicle and prevent it from leaving the dock before it is safe to do so. Moreover, truck restraints prevent unexpected vehicle separation by securely locking in place during the loading and unloading process. As a result, this mechanism effectively prevents trailer creep, early departure, or trailer tip-over accidents. Consequently, the benefits of truck restraints include the following:

  • Keeping employees safe
  • Creating smoother loading and unloading
  • Reducing maintenance costs on loading dock equipment
  • Improving dock stability to protect goods

Regulatory agencies, including OSHA, mandate truck restraints for loading dock operations. Compliance with these regulations ensures businesses will avoid lawsuits and penalties. 

The Python STR-609 Truck Restraint is one of our top picks for truck restraints. We have seen it significantly improve loading dock safety by keeping workers and equipment safe during the loading and unloading of cargo. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective alternative to hydraulic truck restraints. Its rugged design makes it virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, we have seen it function in the most challenging environments. The unique rotating hook engages over the impact guard using a restraining force of 32,000 lbs.

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