Loading Dock Levelers

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Benefits of Loading Dock Levelers

Dock levelers fill in the gap and provide a bridge between your loading dock and transport vehicles. As a result, dock levelers make transporting cargo for forklifts much smoother. With a loading dock leveler, forklifts can safely and steadily maneuver between the dock and the truck. Without a doubt, loading dock levelers keep your employees safe and prevent damage to your equipment. Moreover, they aid tremendously in the productivity of your staff by enabling them to complete loading cargo more quickly with fewer bumps.

There are many types of dock levelers to choose from, including pit levelers, rail dock levelers, and edge of dock levelers. All types operate either automatically or manually. Here at Northeast Overhead Door, we can help you choose the best loading dock leveler for your facility and have it installed in a short amount of time.

loading dock levelers

Dock Leveler Maintenance & Repair

Having routine maintenance conducted on your loading dock leveler ensures that you’re providing your employees with a safe work atmosphere by having regular inspections on a critical piece of equipment in your facility. A maintenance plan will minimize the chance of malfunction and costly repair services. Furthermore, maintenance helps extend the life of your equipment and lessens the wear and tear of everyday use.

Along with installation, replacement, and maintenance, we provide dock leveler repair services for various leveler types in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Here at Northeast Overhead Door, we know that a broken or damaged dock leveler can halt operations at your facility. Therefore, we work quickly and diligently to rectify the issue.

Affiliated Force Mechanical Leveler

Affiliated Force’s Mechanical Dock Levelers are the economical and safe solution for basic loading dock applications. They are manually operated and easy to use. To operate, simply pull the release chain located at the rear of the deck; the dock will rise and the lip will extend; at which point the dock leveler can be walked down onto the truck bed for safe loading or unloading. This reliable deep tooth ratchet hold-down system is designed with positive locking traction that increases safety and reduces maintenance.

Affiliated Force Pro-Dock Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Affiliated Force Pro-Dock Hydraulic Conversion Kit is an economical alternative to replacing an existing Mechanical dock leveler. This upgrade costs considerably less than the cost of fully replacing the existing Mechanical dock leveler with a new hydraulic dock leveler and dramatically reduces down time and repair costs.

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