Self-Storage Doors

self storage doors

The roll-up self-storage doors we install provide your facility’s customers with the security and protection they need. We include weather sealing in all self-storage door installations to prevent water, dust, and pests from entering the storage unit and causing damage to your customers’ valuables. Furthermore, since these doors consist of metal slats that roll up when opened, they are space efficient, so your customers can utilize every square inch of their storage units.

Steel Vs. Aluminum

The doors we install are made from steel or aluminum to ensure durability. While both are excellent materials for self-storage, there are a few differences to consider. Steel doors are less likely to damage from impact or attempted break-ins. For this reason, the steel doors we offer are more robust. However, aluminum doors are less likely to corrode. Therefore, we usually recommend aluminum doors in areas with high humidity.

Both materials offer degrees of insulation and energy efficiency. While steel doors generally provide more insulation, aluminum doors can come equipped with insulation inserts. When selecting between steel and aluminum garage doors, it’s important to consider their respective factors that align with your needs. These factors include your budget, desired level of durability, insulation requirements, and the climate in your area. Consulting with a professional garage door installer is highly recommended to ensure you make the best choice based on your facility’s specific needs.

Customizable Self-Storage Doors Installed by Northeast Overhead Door

We install doors in various dimensions to accommodate storage units of all sizes. We know that choosing self-storage doors for your facility is an important decision. Your entries must provide security, convenience, and accessibility for your customers. Furthermore, they must be durable and reliable to give you, the business owner, peace of mind. If you’d like to learn more about the self-storage doors we install, get in touch with us today!