Rolling Fire Doors

Rolling fire doors, also known as fire shutter doors, are engineered to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. The mechanism by which these doors contain smoke and fire is to automatically descend when a fire alarm is triggered. Then, the door creates a seal from this smoke and fire. Furthermore, many fire-rated overhead doors can be activated manually or by a fire alarm system.

rolling fire doors

Top Fire Resistance Ratings

We install doors with top fire resistance ratings. These ratings measure the door’s duration and ability to resist fire, heat, and smoke. These ratings are determined through fire testing procedures and are assigned based on the performance under specific conditions. For example, doors with fire resistance ratings of 2 hours will maintain their structural integrity while preventing flames, heat, and smoke from passing through for at least 2 hours.

Rolling Fire Doors Installed by Northeast Overhead Door

Elevator shafts and stairwells are typically equipped with fire doors because they act as vertical chimneys. They enable smoke to rise from one floor to the next. Commercial building codes usually enforce fire safety regulations. These regulations mandate the installation of fire-rated barriers, such as rolling fire doors. For this reason, we commonly install fire-rated overhead doors in industrial warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Rolling fire doors are constructed from steel or aluminum to ensure lasting durability.

The rolling fire doors we install are customizable to fit any opening. Furthermore, they come in various materials and finishes. They’ll give the building a pleasing aesthetic. Please note, a professional should regularly inspect fire doors to ensure they operate well. Moreover, the professional will confirm that they meet local building safety codes. Here at Northeast Overhead Doors, we take pride in guaranteeing our clients get affordable, superior-quality doors. For this reason, our fire-rated roll-up door prices are economical. Contact us today to learn more.