We Have the Answers to Your Questions About Dock Levelers

Questions About Dock Levelers

In the market for loading dock levelers? Here at Northeast Overhead Door, we can help you choose the best loading dock leveler for your facility and have it installed in a short amount of time. We know you have questions, and here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about dock levelers.

Why Install a Dock Leveler?

All warehouses and facilities have a gap between the loading dock and the truck; this is where a loading dock leveler becomes handy. Levelers provide a bridge between the loading dock and the truck, securing an otherwise dangerous crevice. Dock levelers enable workers to move and transition machinery, such as forklifts, smoothly between the truck and the loading dock.

What Is an Edge-Of-Dock Leveler?

Both types of dock levelers serve the same purpose of bridging the gap between the loading dock and truck bed. However, traditional dock levelers mount to the floor of the dock. Edge-of-dock levelers mount to the dock face. Edge-of-dock levelers are ideal for warehouses that service trucks with minimal height differences, limited working range, and light load capacities. Moreover, an edge-of-dock leveler is a more economical design because no construction work is needed to create the pit.

How Much Do Loading Dock Levelers Cost?

Dock levelers vary considerably depending on which type you decide on for your facility. Mechanical edge-of-dock levelers are the most economical choice for around $5,000 with installation. However, a hydraulic leveler can be as much as $25,000.

How Often Should a Loading Dock Be Serviced?

We recommend maintenance every 90 days on your dock leveler. This maintenance can simply mean a thorough inspection. Carefully check out the links, chains, lip crank, and pins. If anything looks worn out, it’s time to have it replaced. Dock levelers last a long time. However, they are a pivotal function of safety at your facility. Therefore, they demand extra attention and care.

How Long Do Dock Levelers Last?

The short answer is between 5 years and 20 years. A dock leveler is permanently attached to your loading dock and has longevity because they are built to withstand a lot. Depending on the dock leveler type you have installed, it will, on average, last about ten years with proper maintenance. Mechanical levelers will have a slightly shorter lifespan, but hydraulic dock levelers have a longer lifespan. Dock levelers are strong. However, if the top deck or lip is warped, it’s operating inefficiently, or you’re updating your loading bay, it’s time to consider replacing it.

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