Parking Garage Doors

Dependable and durable parking garage doors are crucial to accommodate the employees and customers of many businesses. Parking garage doors should keep traffic flow minimal. Furthermore, they must withstand harsh environmental conditions, and provide security and safety. Undoubtedly, the parking garage overhead doors we install are engineered to meet the parking garage’s heavy traffic flow with convenience and ease of operation.

Are you looking to upgrade your parking facility’s doors? We offer a variety of doors to best suit your facility’s needs including:

  • Rolling Steel Doors: These doors roll up and store in a coil above the opening. Additionally, they are strong, secure, and able to withstand high-traffic environments such as parking garages.
  • Sectional Doors: Built of horizontal panels that open vertically, they are space-saving and commonly used in parking garages due to their dependability.
  • Sliding Doors: They operate by sliding horizontally to enable entrance and exit. Notably, sliding doors are the best option for sizeable parking garages with plenty of space on the sides of the door openings.

Did You Know?

If your parking facility is inside a hospital, condominium complex, or office building, we can install parking garage doors that reduce noise. The insulation materials help absorb and dampen sound, such as construction, from outside the garage. Secondly, the precision-tight seals create an impenetrable barrier against noise transmission. Without a doubt, these features create a more peaceful environment for those using the garage.

We Offer Parking Garage Door Maintenance

Parking garage doors facilitate a safe and convenient entrance and exit for garage users. Therefore, it’s critical to schedule routine maintenance to ensure the doors are in optimal working condition. For this reason, our skilled professionals conduct thorough maintenance to prevent breakdowns, which includes:

  • Inspecting safety mechanisms
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking for damage and rust
  • Tightening loose bolts
  • Examining the door’s balance
  • Cleaning debris from tracks
  • Conducting repairs as necessary

Parking Garage Security You Can Count On

We understand that safety for the vehicles parked in your parking garage and those using it is a priority. Therefore, we install closures you can count on. You can trust the professionals at Northeast Overhead Door to ensure your facility is secure and prevent unauthorized access.

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