High Speed Doors

It’s time to update your facility with high speed doors to increase productivity! High speed door manufacturers engineer these doors specifically to open and shut quickly. For this reason, they are the ideal doors for busy warehouses, distribution centers, loading docks, automotive shops, and manufacturing facilities with heavy vehicle traffic. They help ensure a smooth operation for employees that need quick access in and out of the facility. Furthermore, they help maintain a safer workplace due to the safety features like motion sensors and edges that detect obstructions and stop the overdoor’s movement to avert accidents.

Since a high speed overhead door experiences extensive and sometimes even near-constant use, it is constructed to withstand. High speed motors, breakaway systems, and high-speed motors all keep these doors solid and durable. Additionally, high-speed doors can be fabric rather than metal, which is ideal for impact-prone openings. The fabric keeps your doors resistant to abrasion and guarantees a longer service life with less maintenance.

High Performance Fabric Doors

We install two types of fabric doors, interior fabric high speed doors and exterior fabric high speed doors. The main distinction between interior and exterior fabric doors is their purpose and ability to withstand various environmental conditions.


Interior fabric doors are used indoors in controlled environments where protection against the elements is unnecessary. They commonly include transparent panels. For this reason, they provide increased visibility that is perfect for monitoring operations. Furthermore, they require minimal clearance, benefiting facilities that demand space-saving solutions.


Manufacturers design exterior fabric doors to protect against harsh weather and extreme temperatures. For this reason, these high speed doors have enhanced insulation features to maintain temperature control and provide superior energy efficiency. Moreover, the exterior fabric offers material that protects against sunlight exposure to hold out against fading. Optional features, such as locking mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access, provide additional security.

We Are Here to Install Your High Speed Doors

Count on Northeast Overhead Door to install your facility’s new overhead doors. We provide a range of options to tailor your doors to your company’s needs. The doors we install come in many sizes and configurations. Moreover, we can install a variety of activation methods, including remote control systems and push-button controls. Contact us today for your estimate.