Healthcare & Hospital Doors

healthcare hospital overhead doors

Northeast Overhead Door provides leading healthcare & hospital doors that are great at regulating temperature and humidity, maintaining patient privacy, and preventing the spread of contaminants and disease. Furthermore, we carry overhead doors with safety and security features such as automatic sensors and emergency release mechanisms. We recognize that each healthcare facility has unique needs for its doors. For this reason, the doors we carry are easily customizable to fit the hospital door’s specifications.

Pharmacy Counter Shutter Doors

Particular hospital or healthcare facility areas, such as supply rooms and the pharmacy, benefit from counter shutter doors. Counter shutter doors roll up into a tight coil above the doorway, allowing unobstructed access when the door is open. They help secure contents, such as medication, due to their locking mechanisms and access control systems. Moreover, these doors help maintain a healthy and safe environment by preventing contaminants from infiltrating the area where medication is stored. We install counter shutter doors made from aluminum or steel, which makes them durable and robust.

healthcare & hospital doors

Ambulance Bays

Overhead doors most commonly used for ambulance bays are typically rolling steel doors or sectional. When opening, rolling steel overhead doors coil up while sectional overhead doors fold vertically into horizontal panels. In many cases, sectional doors provide more thermal efficiency than rolling or coiling products. Both doors are great options for ambulance bays due to the ease of operation and the secure seal. The doors we carry are easily customizable to fit the specificities of any facility. Furthermore, we offer customization for features such as pass-through doors for extra accessibility.

An operative door for the ambulance bay ensures the patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible. In emergencies, every second matters. Having a door that opens slowly delays crucial medical treatment. Furthermore, a door lacking a proper seal allows contaminants to enter the sensitive space where medical personnel transport patients. For example, if construction occurs outside the hospital, the dust and debris can enter the emergency bay, quickly becoming a hazard to the patients and medical personnel. A well-sealed overhead door for the ambulance bay will prevent this dust.

Our experts at Northeast Overhead Door will inspect and ensure that your facility’s doors operate smoothly and efficiently. If they are not, we will install upgraded healthcare & hospital doors for you as soon as possible.