Firehouse Doors

firehouse garage doors

Northeast Overhead Door provides reliable customized firehouse garage doors. Our doors are long-lasting with unmatched durability. We offer high speed and bifold fire station doors designed so your fire department can exit quickly to keep the community safe. When you count on us to install your firehouse doors, you’ll receive prompt and professional service from leading garage door experts you can trust.

High Speed Firehouse Doors

High-speed doors open and close rapidly, allowing first responders to exit the building as quickly as possible. Manufacturers make these doors with superior structural integrity. For this reason, they withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. The doors we install operate using a variety of mechanisms, including manual and automatic systems. Automatic systems include sensors that detect the presence of a fire truck or other emergency vehicle. This mechanism triggers the door to open automatically. Importantly, high-speed firehouse doors are a critical component of fire station design, helping to ensure that emergency response vehicles can exit as efficiently as possible to respond swiftly to an emergency situation.

Bifold Fire Station Doors

Bifold doors are a great choice to install in emergency response buildings such as fire stations. Since engineers design these doors to fold in half horizontally, they facilitate quick and easy opening and closing. Bifold fire station doors play a crucial role in the design of fire stations since they enable fire trucks to enter and exit the building without delay during an emergency.

Manufacturers commonly make bifold overhead doors from aluminum or steel. Both of these materials offer plenty of durability. Moreover, our doors are water-sealed to prevent leaks and insulated to help maintain a consistent temperature inside the firehouse.

Experience the difference new firehouse garage doors can make to your fire station. Contact Northeast Overhead Door today to request an estimate.