Four Ways to Keep Your Company’s Commercial Overhead Door Running Smoothly in the Winter

Companys Commercial Overhead Door

Commercial garage doors are the gateway to smooth operations, especially when the weather turns harsh. Preparing them for New England winter is a necessity! Inspections, maintenance, snow removal, and deicing are all important ways to keep your company’s commercial overhead door operating as efficiently as possible.


Your company’s commercial overhead door issues that need repair can worsen when temperatures drop. For example, weather stripping damage can become heightened as cold weather leads it to crack or shrink. A pre-winter inspection for commercial garage doors is a proactive approach to ensure all functions are in optimal condition to withstand winter.


Professional maintenance for commercial garage doors before and during the winter is essential for ensuring optimal functionality. Promptly repairing or replacing damaged components prevents potential breakdowns and ensures the door’s reliability. Professional winter commercial garage door maintenance is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Snow Removal

Snow that builds up around commercial garage doors blocks the door’s pathway, obstructing its movement. This obstruction can prevent the door from opening or closing correctly, potentially halting business operations. Regularly removing snow from around commercial garage doors is a preventive measure contributing to the door’s proper functioning, safety, and longevity.


Ice accumulation on commercial garage doors can exert pressure on the door’s components, potentially causing misalignment, strain, or damage to the tracks, rollers, or hinges. Deicing a commercial garage door involves treatments to prevent or remove ice buildup on the door’s surfaces, tracks, and moving parts. It’s an essential practice during cold weather conditions, especially in regions prone to freezing temperatures, such as ours.

Need help winterizing your commercial garage doors? Our seasoned team of experts specializes in preparing garage doors to brave the toughest of New England’s winter conditions. From inspections to adjustments, we’ve got you covered every step of the way so your commercial garage doors run smoothly all season. Stay operational, efficient, and warm this winter with our trusted expertise. Contact us today!