4 Reasons Why Your Next Home Should Have A Garage

While the housing market saw quite a lull in the early months of 2020, it has since bounced back with fervor. By the end of 2020, more homes were sold since 2006. Fortunately, the market continues to keep booming. There are many details buyers should consider when making such a big purchase. A home garage is one important consideration! Buying a house with a garage door is vital for several reasons:

Home Garage Increases Resale Value

While a garage door may not be number one on your must-have list, it could be for potential future buyers! Therefore, if you ever plan on selling your house, you should consider future prospective buyers. Since there are so many benefits of having a garage, more buyers than ever are looking for homes with them.

There’s Added Storage

Now more than ever, families need storage! Bicycles, tools, yard equipment, and gear all need a place to live. While placing a shed or building a garage onto the property may seem like an easy remedy, strict zoning laws could infringe on your plans to do so.

Heightened Safety

Garages protect your vehicle from weather safety hazards such as hail and heavy winds. It also protects you from these dangers because you will enter your home right from the garage instead of walking outside. Furthermore, vehicles parked on the street and in a driveway are at a greater risk of being burglarized.

Provides Convenience

We’ve all been there – after a night of Connecticut snow, it’s time to go to work. Instead of spending your precious morning minutes clearing snow and ice off your vehicle, you could keep it warm and snow-free in a garage. Moreover, hauling groceries becomes much less burdensome.

When it’s time for your new home’s garage door to be serviced or replaced, contact Northeast Overhead Door!